In conversation with Raquel

This week I had a chat with Raquel Wys, a local creative that makes her busy life juggle look effortless and dreamy @raquelwys

Raquel is a busy Mama of two beautiful boys, an interior designer @zephiistudios and owns a children's label @_zephii

Where are you from & where are you now?
I’m originally from Sydney but lived in Hobart throughout my schooling years and decided to move to the Gold Coast for university and haven’t looked back 9 years on
How old are your beautiful boys and what are their names?
I have two little rascals who I absolutely adore, my eldest  Banks is 3years old and Oakli who is 18months old. They are so similar but then again so different and I love watching their bond grow
Describe Motherhood in three words?
HARD, rewarding & beautiful
How do you find a good balance between Mama life and running a small business (or two)?
To be honest, still trying to find that happy medium. However, I enjoy keeping busy and love being a mama but it’s definitely a daily juggle. I have found routine definitely helps and allocating a day or two when the kids are at kindy to work on my little business and when the kids are home, it’s family time
Describe your style?I definitely love two styles, sucker for a minimal neutral palette but then my inner fun and bubbly personality loves colour, texture & layers
What does your idea of 'the perfect day' look like in your world? 
  • Having a sleep in which nowadays is 6:30am
  • Enjoying my morning coffee whilst it is hot
  • Getting the kiddies fed, dressed and ready with no tantrums
  • If it’s a day off, getting down to our local beach & spending quality time with the kids
  • 5 times out of 10 I’ll grab an acai bowl after the beach
  • Kids will nap and I can chill out for an hour / prep dinner
  • Have a chilled afternoon with the kiddies / play games / build block etc & get them fed, showered & bed, ready to start over again. No two days are ever the same with two crazy little kiddies
How do you unwind & relax after a stressful day?
Once the kids are down, I will watch something on netflix and properly unwind with a tea or hot choccie before bed
Favourite place in the whole world?
Japan  - Everything about this country I love so much, culture, food, people & the mountains in the winter time. Can not wait to get back there and explore more
How long have you has Zephii and how did it come about?
Zephii has been around for one year now. I always wanted to create a baby / baby homeware brand ever since I become pregnant with Banks. It took me a couple years to just bite the bullet and go for it. When I was pregnant with Oakli, I was so sure I was having a girl and fell in love with the name Zephii 
Come our 20week scan, I realised I have to source another name as Oakli was well and truly a BOY. I couldn’t let the name go and thought, my little brand can be my baby girl, Zephii
Your design process?
Lots of research! I’m very big on designing your own products and not just selecting ‘catalogue items’ and throwing your logo on it. My business is about sustainable fashion and I have a great manufacture whereby I am able to order low MOQ’s to reduce excess clothing and ending up in waste.
Once I come up with designs, I produce my own tech sheets and sample the desired fabric weights in order to reach the quality of standard I want to provide my consumers. Once I’m happy with the samples, I then place my bulk order
What are you excited about in 2022?
Zephii - I’m launching a new collection this Autumn which I’m so excited about! It’s fun, represents my brand well & there may be something for us mama’s too! 
I’ll also be sampling new products ideas.
Family + Friends - Switch off from the social world more and really enjoy quality time. Time is really of the essence and I know how fast the past 3 years have gone by, so really enjoy being in the moment with my special people
Favourite piece from the Holiday ll collection?More like favourite pieces! i love both Holiday tees in green & pink and the troppo print in the linen set 



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