At häll störe we strive to ensure our garments are made in a safe and clean workplace, under ethical conditions and at fair pay. All of our designs are ethically made by our with our small, family-run factory in Bali, Indonesia.
At häll störe we are aware of the social, economic & environmental challenges facing humanity & we are equally aware of the huge impact the fashion industry is having on our planet & its people. We are passionately committed to driving change.
I am very conscious of the environmental footprint häll störe is making & will endeavour to always put my best foot forward when making decisions which will impact this earth, I am always looking for better alternatives for each & every aspect of the brand. Sustainability is a major focus here at häll störe & something we continue to work towards.
All häll störe pieces are made with natural fibres & innovative sustainable fabrics such as linen, hemp, bamboo, ramie & organic cotton. Not only are these fabrics more sustainable & biodegradable but they also feel better & wear better over time. I'm very passionate about providing my customers with a garment that offers quality & longevity. All of the fabric off cuts are made into scrunchies & face masks - zero waste & zero fabric going to landfill from the manufacturing of häll störe.


häll störe takes every care to ensure our choice of packaging is made with the planet in mind. All of our orders are shipped out in THE BETTER PACKAGING CO comPOST bags which are made form 100% biodegradable & compostable materials. Each & every order is wrapped in 100% recycled paper & we do not use any plastic wrap or packaging from start to finish, this is something that was really important to me & was implemented early on with my manufacturer. 











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