Take 5 with Kaitlyn...

Also known as KJ....the other week I sat down with my bestie who is also the photography wizz behind each & every häll störe shoot so far. KJ is currently 24 weeks pregnant with her first baby girl, we chat all things life, pregnancy & photography.

 Highlight from the week?

Seeing baby girl at our 20-week scan and everything looks great!

When is your baby girl due?

Christmas Eve 🎁

Favourite thing about being pregnant?

Feeling her move and growing a family member who is already so loved.

What are you most excited about going into Motherhood?

Teaching her everything I know about the world, taking her camping and twinning with my mini-me 😆

What is the biggest inspiration behind your photography?

Nature and capturing/reliving special moments in time.

Favourite thing to shoot?

Travel and experiences and shooting in the water.

What type of camera do you shoot with?

I have a Sony A7r iii and I have a 24-240mm lens which is amazing as it's pretty much a wide-angle and zoom in one.

What are your favourite pieces from the new DREĀMS collection?

My Oat Bloom Knit Jumper I wear pretty much everyday and the Eartha Knit Pant when I can in the morning before the indigestion from my growing bump kicks in 😆 and very excited to wear the Lottie and Terra dresses in summer with plenty of room for my bump and easy access to boobies.

What häll störe piece do you find yourself wearing the most?

Everything! haha but seriously, probably my knit jumper at the moment.

What colour häll piece would you love us to bring out next?

I'm a mustard girl 💛

How do you spend your weekends & where would we normally find you?

The beach or catching up with friends and family or both at the same time 🌞

What does self-care look like for you?

A spa bath with epsom salts, a candle and some music.

When travel opens up again, where will your first international holiday be?

With bub, probably somewhere close and easy like Vanutu/Fiji, but I would love to go to the Philippines when she's a bit older as that was our cancelled holiday plan. And Mexico (my favourite place in the world!) 💃 holidays* 😆

The quick 5...

1. What is your coffee order?

Strong oat latte (decaf/chai atm)

2. Morning or afternoon movement?

Beach walk

3. Three things that you can't live without?

Daniel, Siouxsie and Family/Friends

or if it has to be 'things' maybe the sun, ocean and schnitty's haha

4. Go to podcast listens?

She's on the money, Beyond the Bump, The Deep, Believe you me with Michael Bisping, Joe Rogan Experience, The Bossy. Type

5. What are you reading/watching at the moment?

Reading 'The Motherhood' – Jamila Rizvi

Watching 'Masterchef', I love cooking and food way too much😄

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