The duo behind Benni Creative

This week I took 5 with two of my best friends KJ & Logan AKA Dan, the power couple & creatives behind Benni Creative. 


KJ weras The Capri Shirt & Aggie Pant in pink

I am so grateful to have had these two shoot each häll störe collection so far, effortlessly bringing my vision to life - always full of ideas, inspiration & their own creative flare.

I am lucky enough to have known these two for the past 10 years. The ocean dwelling, photo snapping duo are always capturing life through their eyes & it's bloody beautiful.

Three words to describe yourself?

Kj: Extra but laidback

Dan: Attention to detail


How & when did Benni Creative start?

Kj: We started doing photos and videos for friends and had others request us do the same for them, so we decided to turn our creative side hustle into a business, which was BC (before covid), but covid gave us a chance to work on the brand more!

Dan:  It was organic, it just kind of all came together (thanks to KJ)


Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Kj: Nature, seasons, weather, textures and PINTEREST, of course :) 

Dan:  The world around me

In this fast paced world, how do you slow down & unwind?
Kj: Longboarding, yoga and spending time with friends
Dan: Surfing and fishing
Three songs that you have on repeat right now?
Celestial Blues – Gary Bartz Ntu Troop
Slow Down – Art Feynman
God Hour – Babyfather
Rare Air – Mildlife
Tops Drop – Fat Pat
Favourite place in the whole world?
Kj: Mexico!
Dan: Kj:The ocean
Favourite subject to shoot?
Kj: Landscape
Dan:  Empty waves
Describe your style?
Kj: Vintage / Beach 
Dan: Beige

Favourite wardrobe piece that you wear on repeat right now?

Kj: Hallstore Capri dress shirt and Aggie dress pant in black linen

Dan: Board shorts


How does a typical day go in your world?

Kj: Wake up, go to beach to surf/exercise, work from home doing website design, edit photos and hang out with my dog (Siouxsie) and Dan

DanWake up, go fishing/surfing, work, run/train, cook dinner, go to bed


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Kj: If you're not living on the edge you're taking up to much space!

Dan: The unwritten book of the road

What is your favourite colour from the new 'Wildflower' collection?

Kj:  Coffee ☕

Dan:  Same ☝


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