In conversation with Renee from The Self Edit...

This week I chatted with the lovely Renee Enoka from The Self Edit

Where are you from & where are you now?
I was originally born in Wellington, New Zealand but now reside in the sunny Gold Coast, Australia.
Tell us about ‘the self edit’ & how it came about?
The Self Edit is a visual guide to inspire my community to re-connect with their Authentic Self, turning the ritual of self care into an art form.  I have spent a fair chunk of my life being a co-dependant, people pleaser allowing others to dictate and validate who I am without taking the time to go inward and discover what it really meant to be me. As a result I suffered from depression and anxiety, hitting an all time low about 8 years ago when I became suicidal. I have committed the last 8 years to finding a way back to myself with a natural holistic approach. The Self Edit is my guide to inspire my community to do the same through self care, mind,body and spirit connection, creative mindfulness, remedies and nourishing recipes.
What are your essential daily rituals?
I have so many but I will list my top 3. Not every day is perfect and its important to really just pay attention to what your body is requiring each day. I do notice a massive difference when I do all 3 of these each day.
1. Moving my body whether it is exercise, yoga, ocean swim, a walk or simply dancing to my favourite songs. Getting out of my head and into my body.
2. Assuring I have wholesome nourishing food available for me to eat throughout my day. Eating the correct food allows my hormones to stay in balance and my energy levels to be sustained.
3. Self Care. Finding space within my day to do something for myself and just breathe. That might be Meditation, Epsom salt bath, face mask, cooking, being creative.    
Describe your style?  
I think my style is evolving, however I would say there are a few things that remain the same. I love a good pair of denim jeans and any white shirt, I am a sucker for a puffy or detailed sleeve, floaty dresses and Natural sustainable fibres  
What does mindfulness mean to you?
To be mindful is the ability to be present in a wonderous state without any judgement. When you become aware of what your experience is right in that very moment you are able to notice the cues your intuition is trying to give you. Mindfulness allows me to become more confident in my decisions and relaxed in my day to day life. When our energy is clear, positive and focused our whole world around us will start to mirror this. It is very similar to what you experience during meditation.  
Who & what inspires your creativity?
I am inspired by so many amazing people it is hard to pinpoint just one person. People that are willing to take risks, to be innovative and defy odd's to try and make this world a better place.
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
You must follow your heart.
What are your goals & aspirations for 2021?
My goal for 2021 is to allow myself to be vulnerable in all persuits whether it is relationships, career/Business, Adventure and creativity.  I would really like to see The Self Edit become a key source of inspiration to help people to build a deeper connection with themselves.  
Your idea of the ‘perfect’ day?
My Favourite kind of days are when I don't make any plans and just go with the flow. Anything that involves being in nature or being creative and most importantly connecting with people.
How do you unwind after a stressful day?
I really need my space if I have had a stressful day so I can process why I am feeling triggered. I have been working on a course called To Be Magnetic which gives you the tools to help reprogram limiting beliefs through Hypnotherapy and Meditation. Dropping into a Deep Meditation allows me to work through any uneasy feelings I am having.
What brand ethics are important to you when buying clothing?
Knowing that the clothes I am wearing are sourced from natural sustainable fibres and processes that are considerate of the people and the planet.
Favourite piece from the ‘Wildflöwer’ collection?
The Lottie Dress in Lilac or the Lilac two piece Capri Shirt and Etta Short.
What colour linen are you dreaming of next?
I would love to see sage green or a beautiful chocolate brown.
Renee wears The Lottie Dress in 'lilac' linen 

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