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This week we spoke with the lovely Tahlia @tahliashae We talk all things Motherhood & raising a family in the beautiful Bondi with this super Mumma & all around babe. 


Where are you from & where are you now? 

I grew up on the Central Coast but have actually been living in Sydney since I moved out of home. I've been here for 12 years now and Bondi for the last 5 of them. 

Who is in your family? 

 My husband and I have been together for over 10 years. We have two kids Bodi who is 4 and Odeya who is 18months. 

Describe motherhood in three words? 

- Magical   - Challenging   - Rewarding

In summary the best thing you will ever do. 

What time does your day start - any morning rituals? 

Very early because I have two early risers. We have finally got Bodi to sleep past 5am so it's anytime between then and 6am. It usually starts with one or both of the kids waking us up. Morning snuggles in our bed and then a fresh celery juice. It's our little ritual. Add in a coffee later and I'm good to go. 

What is your favorite thing about raising your family in Bondi? 

It can be known as a bit of a bubble but that's actually been my favourite thing about it since having kids. I love the community amongst the parents. I have made so many amazing friends just from regularly bumping into them at the beach or park. Parenthood can be lonely so i love how social it is here. The street we live on hosts a regular charity street party/dinner ( thanks to the two professional chefs living here). It's just the perfect example of that Bondi community. Also living walking distance to the beach, cafes, restaurants, anything you need, we have it pretty good. I feel so lucky to live here.

Who & what inspires you? 

Firstly my family. My parents have been together over 38 years. They've provided me with the perfect example of what marriage and parenthood should look like. My husband, I'll try not to be too gushy but if you know him (or have seen him) you will know that I won the husband lottery with him. I am lucky to be surrounded by an incredible group of friends and family. 

I think Instagram has also been so inspiring for me. It's been an amazing creative outlet. If I was listing a few 

@thesimplefolk_ for her photography 

@svpearce for keeping it real about parenthood. Also love their podcast @beyondthebump

@elsas_wholesomelife I have her recipe books and they have been my saviour since turning plant based over two years ago. 

There are so many. Instagram has also unexpectedly allowed me to connect with so many amazing mums ( you all know who you are). 

How do you unwind after a stressful day? 

 On a good day if I get the chance my favourite way is a yoga class. I always feel so much better if I get some kind of exercise in. Usually it just looks like relaxing on the lounge after finally getting the kids to bed and watching something on netflix. My goal this year was to get into meditation as I find I sleep so much better, but let's just say I'm still working on this one. 

 Favourite piece from the ‘Wilflöwer’ collection? 

I own the Florence Dress and am utterly obsessed with it. 

On my wishlist is this dress but the coffee linen. 

What colour linen are you dreaming of next? 

Definitely the coffee linen. I have been dreaming of this colour since I spotted it. The last three purchases of mine have been brown. So clearly loving those earthy tones.  

Shop the look

Tahlia wears The Florence Dress 'pink' linen


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