The duo behind Benni Creative

This week I took 5 with two of my closest friends KJ & Dan, the power couple & creatives behind Benni Creative.

I am so grateful to have had them shoot each collection so far, effortlessly bringing my vision to life - always full of ideas, inspiration & their own creative flare.

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Sister series | Monica & Emily Hall

Wildflowers ~ Two sisters, a large fence to climb, a tripod & a self timer to create some new content for häll störe.


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What are the most sustainable fabrics for the fashion industry?

Blue denim jeans & floaty summer dresses may be staple pieces in most women's wardrobe, but do we really know how much our purchase habits are affecting the environment? 

Left model wears The Thelma Shirt & Thelma Short both made from a hemp/cotton blend - 60% hemp & 40% cotton

Right Model wears The Daphne Shirt & Daphne Short both made from 100% high quality linen

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examples of social proof