Best friends & bumps | Shot by Benni Creative

Best friends Laura & Steph ~ a dream come true with their matching bumps & due dates.

First time Mumma's to be are just 10 days apart in their pregnancy journey's. A take 5 & mini shoot with KJ from Benni Creative of these two beautiful Mummas to be.


Q & A

How many weeks along are you & what is your due date?

Laura: I am 36 weeks, our due date is the 7th of October. Really hoping we come on that day so baby can share the same birthday as his / hers dad! 

Steph: 34 weeks & 4 days


How long have you two known each other & how did you meet?

Laura: We have each other  for 15 years now and we met through mutual friends when I moved to the Gold Coast. We laugh now because we didn’t really connect at first and it was a bit weird glaring at each other across from a party when we were 18 years old. Fast forward a few months and we are like two peas in a pod! 

Steph: Laura and I have known each other for nearly 15 years! I was 19 and Laura was 18, we met through mutual friends (Nick Gornall). I was dating Nick and Laura was the little sister that followed her big brother (Dan Bennington) everywhere. On a most fortunate night we all met at a party and at first I was skeptical about her because she was so confident and funny but she was so inclusive and fun, we hit it off and now she's one of my oldest and best friends.


What are you having - boy or girl?

Laura: We decided to keep it a surprise. My partner said ‘there’s few surprises left in our world today, let’s have the surprise of our lives when we deliver our baby’ 

It’s also so much fun watching everyone guess.  

Steph: A little boy 


What are you grateful for right now? 

Laura: Grateful for my body, my supportive partner, feeling good and healthy through my pregnancy, our new home, my dog (aka first child)

Extremely grateful for this journey into motherhood and my friends and family. 

Steph: I am SOO grateful for all of the support I have around me right now. My family and friends have been so emotionally and practically supportive and I couldn't be more appreciative. I'm not one to ask for help and I think my closest people around me know that, so they're always doing the best they can to help out when they can see I need it. So much love!!!


Favourite thing & least favourite thing about pregnancy?

Laura: Favourite thing is feeling my little baby kick and move around! It’s such a surreal feeling that makes it all so real.

Least favourite would be dealing with pregnancy eczema. It’s a pain and super uncomfortable but it’s definitely on the better end of the expected pregnancy symptoms. 

Steph: Favourite thing - I'm growing a freakin human. We struggled a bit to get here and now that it's happening it's actually mind blowing. I love the way my body has changed to accommodate the little guy and I feel so comfortable and confident in my skin. I also love the weird little connection I have with him and feeling him grow and move around so much. I also love that I'm doing this with my bestie and how special it actually is for our pregnancies to be happening at the same time. Surreal!!!

Least favourite thing - my body can't keep up with my will to want to do things haha. I feel good within myself however physically, I just can't walk as fast or reach as high or move as quick lol.


Any tips for any pregnant women to be?

Laura: Try not to overthink (in saying that I have definitely overthought things I shouldn’t have haha) 

Also reach out and have a support network! Going through this with Steph has been such a blessing, an ear to listen and a voice to talk to eases so much anxiety and makes the journey a lot more easier. 

Steph: Take it slow, listen to your body and accept all the help that's offered to you. This is such a special time for you to grow within yourself so don't be hard on yourself and cut out all the bullshit that you put up with before you were pregnant. You and your baby don't need that.


How has your style changed since being pregnant?

Laura: My style hasn’t changed at all!

I’m such a fan of oversized dresses. Anything tunic, shift and a-line I’m all about so I have been able to wear my wardrobe my whole pregnancy. Aside from packing my jeans away, pants are a major no no for me and my big baby belly. 

StephMy style has always always gone by 'comfort is key' but since being pregnant I take that to the next level. Loose, non-fitted, easy to get on and off, flowy and cool (in temperature). I've been lucky to have been pregnant for most of this COVID saga so being home in the comfiest clothes has been a dream. Now that I'm going out more and I'm bigger I definitely stick to the above Loose, non-fitted, easy to get on and off, flowy and cool (in temperature)


What are you most excited about going into this new chapter?

Laura: A new journey into motherhood. Not only building a life for our new baby but also transforming myself into the new life of mother. 

My partner Dan was born to be a dad so I cannot wait to see him become the best father ever! 

Steph: I think I'm most excited to be able to dedicate all of my time and energy into my tiny little human with my partner by my side. We are always so caught up in juggling work, housework, social events etc that I can never really stop and just be in the moment. And although I know it's not going to be an easy feat and we're going to be tired and grumpy and confused, I can't wait to just stop and be with my little biggest achievement 


Favourite colour from the new häll störe collection 'Wildflower' & why?

Laura: Lilac & the pink linen

StephLilac and coffee, I've never worn very feminine colours but the lilac is so beautiful. The lilac gives that feminine edge without being over the top as it's super subtle and coffee because who doesn't love coffee!



Laura wears The Florence Dress in baby pink | Size 10

Steph wears The Lottie Dress in Lilac | Size 8



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